What is Meditation?

The classical description of meditation is that it is the relaxation of the mind and body and the expansion of the heart into intuitive awareness. This is a verbal description using the symbols of words to describe a wordless and transcendental process.

The actual experience of meditation far surpasses what words can describe since it affects the deeper wordless recesses of the mind. Much of our feeling sense is in the heart and when the heart expands during meditation we feel this expansion as a loving kindness. When this flow of the natural love of the heart is turned upwards towards the spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows we feel devotion, upliftment, and ascension. This ascension into the cosmic flow is what liberates us from the small self definition that we refer to as the ego. We become aware of who we really are – a conscious spirit without bounds.

The masters of this intuitive awareness have throughout the ages proclaimed that the practice of meditation is the most accessible way to realize this expansive spiritual oneness. Meditation is a simple method that we can all utilize in the comfort and ease of our own home, in our own space and time.

It takes practice to master the art and science of meditation. While one can read about meditation and begin a practice based upon that understanding, it may be optimal to sit with a person that has meditated for a period of time so that the deeper understanding of the art can be conveyed. Meditation is an art because the process of deepening awareness and understanding is creative and intuitive in its nature. The scientific aspect of meditation is due to the actual practice itself, of preparation, sitting, breathing, focusing, and releasing.

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