What is Consciousness

The Last Trip – Occurred in the early 1970’s – by Ean McClane

After one week of backpacking alone along the Coffee Creek trail into the Sawtooth Mountain range of the Trinity Alps of northern California, I hadn’t spoken a word for the whole week. The normal noisy chatter in my mind had quieted down into silence. My awareness was only of Nature and the sore legs and back of my body.

As darkness fall over my campsite that evening, I started a small camp fire to boil water for tea. I peaked at the dancing fire light striking my hiking boots, and suddenly I became aware that my consciousness was observing everything as if from a single point. I realized that I am that single point of conscious perception. I then saw as I looked up and around from the perspective of this single conscious point that all of creation was filled with and made from such points and I was aware that all these points were the same point. I then became all of these points and all of these points became me. I became omnipresent in the universe.

It seemed to me that a conscious light fills and saturates space as if it comes from everywhere, from all directions, from outside and beyond the edges of space time. As these beams of conscious light intersect and merge, they manifest and fill all of space-time with myriad individual points of consciousness. Since the conscious light is shining forth from One, all of these conscious intersection points are One and the same conscious point. I am that One Point. I perceive the manifested universe as if from this One point. This point is I am that I am.

A humble attempt at explaining and understanding this experience.

Ever since the Last Trip I have studied and built a mental model that would support the experience and realizations. The result follows:

Quantum Field Theory (QFT) as postulated by Julian Schwinger, suggests that the manifested universe that we are aware of consists of Collapsing Probability Wave Functions (CPWFs). These waves of probabilities create a quantum field by permeating and saturating what Einstein called space-time. These CPWFs carry information that affects their interactions and behaviors. Space-time is thus a quantum field of un-manifested probabilities, or as Maharishi and others call it: “The Field of All Possibilities”.

When the myriad CPWFs that permeate space-time intersect and interact, just as coherent light does in a hologram, they form what we perceive as atomic and sub-atomic particles. These particles are just the intersecting and merging CPWFs that have manifested a probability of One. These particles behave and move about in space-time according to the information contained in the CPWFs that manifested them . Mankind has labeled this information “The Laws of Nature”. Mankind has also labeled the movement and interaction of particles as energy.

The CPWFs move and assemble these particles in purposeful ways, in accordance with the information that they carry. We perceive these movements and assemblages of particles as matter. Matter is an assemblage of collapsing probability waves that manifest the information that they contain. These particles assemble into atomic elements which assemble into molecules which assemble into cells which eventually assemble into the bodies that we identify with. All of these assemblies are manifested in accordance with the information contained in the CPWFs.

The information contained in these CPWFs manifest what we perceive as the atmosphere, water, earth, fire, food, our bodies, the world, and the universe. It seems to us as if nothing exists ‘outside’ of this manifested universe. Since the information contained in the CPWFs is invisible to our senses, it seems as if there is no purpose to their manifestations. But when we are quiet and sensitive enough, and we pay attention, we can perceive the information that causes the CPWFs to move and assemble the known universe.

When we perceive the information in the CPWFs we become aware of the purpose of life. We become aware that mind is a manifestation of these CPWFs. We become aware that as an information-containing CPWF itself, the mind can modify and affect the Quantum Field and thus affect the information contained in the CPWFs. Mind can modify the probability functions and the information content of the CPWFs that permeate the Quantum Field. This is the source of miracles. This is also why scientists must perform experiments with double-blind participants. It’s also the Secret taught by all of the effective human potential teachings.

We thus become aware that our perceptions are actually the information flow contained in these waves. This means that consciousness is the flow of information in the waves. Awareness is the flow of this consciousness in matter. Perception is the identification of this consciousness as MY awareness due to the mind’s identification with a body. It is consciousness that informs the waves and thus it is consciousness that informs these waves with the purpose and direction of manifested existence. It is consciousness that is the basis of I am that I am.

The ancient Greeks referred to this kind of silent, invisible heart-based communication as aesthesis, which means “to breathe in.”

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