The mind is one of the first manifestation of cosmic Consciousness.

Consciousness is one of the three identifiable aspects of cosmic Being, the only real being in existence. Those three aspects are “Sat, Chit, and Ananda” – which mean “Being, Consciousness, and Bliss”.

It is this primordial Mind that ‘thinks’ or dreams the rest of manifestation into being or existence. So all of existence, or the universe as we know it, is permeated with the Consciousness of these thought manifestations and it is Cosmic Mind that perceives or is aware of these manifestations.

When evolution finally creates a body of cells with a nervous system and a brain, it is this inherent universal Consciousness that is aware of and thus ‘feels’ the nervous impulses flowing through the body and brain. So we as scientific-materialistic humans erroneously think that it is our brains that are conscious and aware, but it is Cosmic Consciousness that permeates all atoms, molecules, and nerve cells that is actually aware. The brain is only a pathway of sensation.

To put a finer point on it…

The “Fall of Man” that is spoken about in most of the Genesis stories on this planet refers to the process that has occurred whereby Cosmic Mind ‘forgets’ that it is cosmic and ‘thinks’ that it is in the body and is the body.

Enlightenment is returning to the cosmic perspective where the Cosmic “I” remembers that it manifests all minds, bodies, and brains, and lives in these bodies but no longer limits its identity to those bodies. Enlightenment is simply a change of perspective.

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  1. Whao – Ean. This is where it is at. I’m am only tying the connection between the Physical Science and Spirit. Phycists are struggling with the nature of Quantum Phenomenon. They are realizing that they have to use Quantum processes of Mind to understand Quatum Phenomenon. TThe connection exists in the Quantum Process of Mind. We can sense the intangible Spirit of the Cosmos.

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