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Mind and Brain

The mind is the first manifestation of cosmic Consciousness.

Consciousness is one of the three identifiable aspects of the cosmic Trinity. Those three cosmic aspects are Sat, Chit, and Ananda – which translate into Being, Consciousness, and Bliss. The mind is a mirror that reflects the emanations of the cosmic trinity back to itself.

Cosmic Consciousness thinks or dreams the manifested world into apparent existence by reflecting thoughts in the mind. So all of existence, or the universe as we know it, is a projection of thought-manifestations and it is the Cosmic Consciousness that perceives or is aware of the reflection of these mental thought-manifestations. There is no actual separate existence. All of apparent existence is a reflection of projected and reflected thoughts in the manifested mind of cosmic Consciousness.

When the evolution of thoughts reflected in the mind finally projects a body of cells with a nervous system and a brain, it is only the universal Consciousness that is aware of the reflection of nervous impulses that this body and brain produce. There really isn’t anybody home in these projected minds and bodies, only¬† a cosmic Consciousness that is aware of the reflected thought-projections.

We as scientific-materialistic humans think that it is our brains that are conscious and aware, but it is actually cosmic Consciousness that projects and perceives the reflection of all atoms, molecules, and nerve cells. The body and brain are only an apparent pathway of sensation.

The “Fall of Man” that is spoken about in most of the Genesis stories on this planet refers to the process that has occurred whereby the cosmic Consciousness forgets that the reflections in the mind are its own projections and, just like watching a movie, thinks that it IS all of the thoughts in the mind including thinking that it IS the body. It then takes on a game of individuality we call the ego with all its limitations and fears.

It’s similar to when we humans go to the movies – we enter into the world of the story of projected images and sounds and we forget that we are actually in the audience watching a projection. The world around us is a similar projection and, by mastering our consciousness, we can return to being aware that we are only a witness of this projection. We as Masters can even control the projection of world-creating thoughts and thus perform so-called miracles.

Enlightenment is returning to the perspective where the Cosmic “I” remembers that it projects a manifestation of minds, thoughts, bodies, and brains, and lives as a projected thought in these bodies but no longer limits its identity to those bodies. Enlightenment is simply a change of perspective, a remembering of who we really are.